Friday, June 25, 2010

who are you? it's me!

it's me! rani aulia. umm you can call me rani or tera :D
i was born in madura hoho i'm proud of it, but now i live in raincity
yayaya i know, i'm weird, crazy, annoying, unpredictable, swart, and even...mysterious
but sometimes i can be a good listener, a good adviser, i'm funny and friendly, LOL :p
my life is my life, so, don't control me
i wish i could go to France and speak French fluently
gonzalo higuain(9), cristiano ronaldo(7), i heart you ♥♥♥
twitter : @ranitera
Y!M : ranitera72
formspring : ranitera
keep in touch xoxoxo

i think it's enough haha see yaa :D

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