Friday, July 1, 2011

welcome, July!

for this entry, i'll use english :p

welcome, July! MySpace
please be nice, be my month hihi
i've put (too) many hopes in this month, why? because i was born on July
July 7th and July 18th i hope something special will happen on these dates
July 7th, MySpace dunno why i like this date so damn much #7
July 18th, it's my birthday!!!!!MySpace
so many July wishes....
  • have new friendly&funny schoolmates, classmates, chairmate
  • be taller
  • be stronger
  • be better
  • etc....
but, if he text me (maybe he can call me :p) on 7th and 18th of July it will be the greatest July ever!!!!!! but i's kinda stupid that i'm hoping for his text on those dates MySpace
HEHEHEHEHE ok......dunno what to write, so.....see you MySpace

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