Friday, December 31, 2010

memories and wishes

HOLA~ tonight is the last night of 2010, we'll face 2011
hope for the best in 2011
now, i'm going to talk about my memories in 2010 and my wishes in 2011

  • celebrate the new year eve with MA ♥
  • know you, bum..
  • close with bum
  • give bum a cupcake
  • bum 'membonceng' me with his motorcycle
  • have a classmate like MA
  • my best friend had a relationship with bum, oucch
  • had a big problem with my bestfriend
  • have a classmate like shaolin kids \m/
  • practice for pagelaran
  • pagelaran
  • i chose wrong person, and now i'm so regretful
too much memories in 2010, i cant tell all of my memories
thanks for everyone who makes me smile in 2010 :) love ya all♥
i had a lot of promblems in 2010, and the problems give me lessons
i felt much pain and happiness in 2010

  • can gather with MA, miss you guys
  • can get close with bum (again)
  • have my own dance crew
  • i can be more 'waras' -_-
  • no more galau haha
  • success in UN
  • accepted in SMAN3 Bogor
  • be more successful
  • everything get better
yea, i have too much wishes and i cant tell all of them
i hope for the best in 2011
you rock guys! \m/

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