Tuesday, December 28, 2010

dunno ~

hey guys! I'm online via cellphone ._.
I just dont know what to do -_-
what should I do? so boring~
I hope I have someone who always text me in the night and say 'good night rani, love you' wakakaka, i think that's quite impossible (˘_˘")

2010 almost over, we'll face 2011.
i think i will miss the moments in 2010
Oh maaaan! I miss last year new year eve, that was so exciting. i played with my classmate, MA. Miss you guys!
MA and I baked the corns, gathered at abon's house, we went to 'rumah hantu jungle', went to traditional market to buy chickens, fish, corns, etc. I miss that moment so damn much!

I think, this year new year eve wont as exciting as last year, so sad. i want to celebrate new year eve with my shaolin kids and MA, it will be fun!

Other thing i wanna write is about Indonesia football club. KEEP ROCKIN' ! Firman, Gonzales, Markus, Zulkifli, Maman, Ridwan, Bachdim, Bepe, Arif, Bustomi and all, dont lose your energy. Show & do your best against Malaysia! you can beat them! even in the first lag you lost, i believe in the second lag you'll be the winner \m/
oh man, Okto will not play tomorrow, it's because he got 2 yellow cards T.T
Indonesia's supporter is cooler than Malaysia's. we'll not use laser or firework like Malaysia did. we're good supporters! Beat Malaysia! You can do it TIMNAS INDONESIA, FIGHT!
'garuda di dadaku, garuda kebanggaanku, ku yakin hari rabu pasti menang' :p

ok guys, i dont know what should i write -_-. i'm going to charge my cellphone and sleep then. mssybumbum♥:p g'nigth all, sleep tight, hv a nice dream!☺☺☺

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