Tuesday, December 21, 2010

pagelaran result

congrats for 9E for being the best performance! :D

congrats for 9H, you've got many awards, I like your performance so much, exciting, not boring, funny, and you know i've got melting when......abon breakdance -_-v WAHAHAHAHAHA ssst!

congrats Windy & Ijul for being the best actress & actor :D 9F so proud of you. traditional dancers group dont be sad :) you're the best for 9F. for all of shaolin kids we showed the best, dont be dissapointed, just get the experiences and learn from this event. if you want to be the best you must struggle!

I have no picture about pagelaran, but lintang has a lot of pictures, about 3000 pictures maybe..... oh yea, thankyou for 9F coaches. Ka Oki, ka Pesek, Ka Bopak, ka Ai thankyou so much, without you we cant do the pagelaran. ka oki & ka bopak thankyou for your help on the pagelaran day, once again for Ka Oki thankyou because you gave us support when we burst into tears. thankyou for our 'wali kelas' Pak Agus. LOVE YA ALL SHAOLIN KIDS, JUST DO IT WE CAN FIGHT!

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